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Mark Crystal

Mark Crystal has been in the IT field for over 30 years.  Mark started his career at AT&T in the early 80’s.  Since then, he worked as a consultant for several Fortune 100 companies (Dow Jones Industrial, Mercedes Benz of NA, Lucent Technologies Fuji Photo Film and Novell to name a few). Mark’s first position was a hardware computer technician.

He worked his way up and by the end of his corporate career, he was responsible for over 300 partner connections in Lucent’s senior firewall engineering group.  Throughout his career in corporate America, he implemented bleeding edge technology and corporate standards. Mark became bored of corporate America and started his own consulting firm with a concentration in small to medium-sized business.  He was able to bring his breadth of knowledge from Corporate America and use it in the small/medium sized business vertical.  Mark has been providing IT solutions to small to medium sized business for over 20 years.  Mark is currently a partner in DataSafe Group, LLC.  His focus at DataSafe has been on Cyber Security for the firms they support.


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